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I have recently been fascinated by the term candid in photography. It interested me to the point that I wanted to get to the roots of that word. it comes from Latin and it means white.

Word Origin & History
candid 1620s, “white,” from L. candidum “white; pure; sincere, honest, upright,” from candere “to shine,” from PIE base *kand- “to glow, to shine” (see candle). In English, metaphoric extension to “frank” first recorded 1670s (cf. Fr. candide “open, frank, ingenuous, sincere”). Of photography, 1929. Related: Candidly.

That is just thesaurus. But when looking at contemporary family and wedding photography it surprised me how accurate this word is and how accurately people adjusted it to the needs of naming an old version of just documentary photography. Anyway. Candid means right up front and truthful but most of all: unpretended as for not staged and not posed. This is a highly fair approach to art of portrait which I try to employ as often as possible. And it also remind me of works of my beloved Nan Goldin but in her case honesty is most accurate word.

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