Eyes in portrait photography.

family portrait and lifestyle  photography by anna nowakowska (1 of 1)

This is a portrait of my father. I took it last year in his apartment. The light comes from both sides. North and South. I had in my mind the idea of what I wanted before. It is very important ( she says) to have a plan before starting to shoot. Mine was to expose the dark and watery eyes. It comes quite naturally regarding the fact that eyes are always the main focus in portrait photography. I never liked the decor and space of my parents home. But somehow our parents do stay there. And we come to visit. And what we see all of sudden is so different when you are coming back there as a photographer than what you saw as a child. Overgrown child who is a photographer sees a inhabitants of certain place rather than parents. The worlds are colliding. Nevertheless family is the first modelling crowd and your first censors, going back to photograph them and nag about taking portraits is very important adventure and start for every photographer. All the mums and sisters moaning and stiffness and exaggerating… when you brake it-you will make it. They are just people that you photograph. Like all those on the streets or studio. But it is easier when you have one thing significant in focus. And eyes tells a lot of the whole psychological story about every human being. My fathers eyes are a history themselves. Not to mention the ones that he has to say…

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