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family portrait photography

The art of portrait has a very broad history dating back to ancient times. Through several thousand years in sculpture and painting portrait has been restored to perfection. However, the most popular it has become with the spread of photographic art. Currently photographic portraits encounter almost everywhere: in old publications, in family albums,personal documents, internet, id proof,advertising billboards on the streets and even in cemeteries as thumbnails tombstones. Contemporary portrait has become so widespread that sometimes we are not even aware of its presence in our environment anymore. Where does this popularity come from? From the desire to portray the perpetuation of people, in remembrance, in importance of moments or joy of completely random moments … It is safe to say that the first steps photography took was put on the portrait. The origins of the portrait closely associated with studio space. Due to the prolonged exposure and the need for additional lighting frrm outdoor portrait shooting was much more difficult. In addition, daguerrotype formerly used long exposures require the use of elaborate props to stiffen and maintain profiles photographed photographic portrait still
.Contemporary model is characterized by high objectivity in the transmission of images. Available materials allow us to capture a very brief moments, so we can get sometimes surprising realism of photography. Moreover portraits can be done almost anywhere: on chosen location, at home, woods or in the studio.

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